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Kids Programs

 Tiny Tigers (3-5 years old)

Tiny Tigers focuses on the basics of martial arts along with such skills as balance, motor skills, coordination, sharing, safety, and much more. This is a high-energy class and an excellent way to burn off some energy while reinforcing what we teach our children at home and developing a foundation in Martial Arts all while having fun.

Little Dragons (5-7 years old)

Dragons classes focus on developing both the mental and physical benefits of martial arts. This class will teach students: focus, respect and self-control. The class also teaches basic blocks, punches, kicks and forms in a fun, high-energy safe class. Students are tested on the material they learn and are required to complete monthly worksheets that reinforce the topics we discuss in class. Topics such as staying safe, being courteous, respectful and confident.

Basic Training (8-13 years old)

Basic Training teaches the student all of the basic fundamentals of their martial arts training. This program incorporates basic level forms as well as practical self-defense techniques. Respect for ones self and others is regularly discussed in this class as well as fitness and the threats of bullying. The Basic Training program is an excellent way for a child or an adolescent to try Martial Arts in a safe, encouraging environment while realizing the benefits of better fitness and increased confidence.  

Black Belt Training

This program is the next step for students who have completed the Basic Training Program and want to move on to earn a Black Belt. The class focuses on personal

responsibility and Black Belt principles including: confidence, perseverance, respect and self control. The curriculum includes sparring, self-defense, advanced forms and kicking skills as well as weapons.

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