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Kickboxing and Fitness

At Impact we offer small group classes to help achieve your fitness goals regardless of your current level of conditioning. Our goal is to get you exercising and keep you moving towards your goal of weight loss, increased strength and overall health and well being. Our classes offer variety of exercises in a safe encouraging environment. We utilize Kettle-bells, TRX suspension bands, medicine balls, tension bands and a variety of functional movement exercises and equipment to not only make your workout effective but interesting.


Burn 500 - 900 calories per hour!

Put on your gloves, turn up the music and pound away on bags and pads while mixing in core exercises, agility drills functional movement training.​    

 Strength and Conditioning

Get stronger and build lean muscle using kettlebells, TRX suspension straps, resistant bands, medicine balls and a variety of other safe and effective techniques to: 

Lose Weight

Gain Strength

Prevent Injury

Build Endurance

Improve Coordination & Agility

Look and Feel Healthier

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