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Adults Self Defense

The Adult Self Defense Program is exactly what people need in today's world, practical self-defense and fitness. We incorporate strength and conditioning, aggressive pad and bag work, hand to hand combat and weapon defense into real world self-defense scenario training. Awareness, confidence, conditioning and ability are the results of this training. The class is intense and will challenge both beginners and advanced students.

Rooted in the Israeli combat system, Krav Maga, our self-defense program specializes in reality based training that utilizes instinctive movement, practical techniques and aggressive combatives in real-world scenarios and situations. Our goal is to build your strength and endurance as well as your confidence. Different than many traditional Martial Arts, Krav gets you fit fast with no-nonsense training designed to make you willing and able to protect yourself should the need arise.

Real world self defense training, though needed by many, is not for all. To see if its for you contact us to view or try a class.

Be Healthy

Be Confident

Be Safe

Be Capable

Don't Be a Victim 

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