Impact Martial Arts

  Walpole and the Surrounding Communities Family Self-Defense and Fitness Center



At Impact we offer small group classes to help achieve your fitness goals regardless of your current level of conditioning. Our goal is to get you exercising and keep you moving towards your goal of weight loss, increased strength and overall health and well being. Our classes offer variety of exercises in a safe encouraging environment. We utilize Kettle-bells, TRX suspension bands, medicine balls, tension bands and a variety of functional movement exercises and equipment to not only make your workout effective but interesting.


Strength and Conditioning


Get stronger and build lean muscle using kettlebells, TRX suspension straps, resistant bands, medicine balls and anything else that efficiently and safely builds strength and endurance.    

Benefits Include:

Improved coordination and agility

Better posture and alignment - Many exercises work the postural muscles in a functional way

It's efficient - You train multiple fitness components in the same session including cardio, strength, balance, stability, power and endurance

The exercises are functional and weight bearing helping to increase done density and keep the body strong for daily tasks

Increase power development and endurance, which is great for a variety of sports

Injury prevention - Many injuries occur when you're moving fast and have to come to a stop, called eccentric deceleration. Functionatraining conditions the body in eccentric deceleration resulting in better and safer performance in other physical activities.

Simplicity - The exercises are simple, the workouts are straight forward and you only need minimal equipment



Burn 500 - 900 calories per hour! Put on your gloves, turn up the music and pound away on bags and pads while mixing in core exercises, agility drills and functional movement drills.    

Running Club

Impact Running Club is a family activity for everyone from the walker to the those preparing for their first 5K to the marathoner. 1 to 2 times per month we meet at the track on a trail or in the park and take a step closer to whatever our individual fitness goal may be. It's common to see parents running with their children, teens running together or even entire families. Running is a great activity and Running Club is a great community of people enjoying the outdoors and each others company. Dates, times and locations are announced at the school.